Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebDiet™?

WebDiet finds healthier meal options on-the-go. WebDiet proactively sends location-based, customized meal suggestions directly to mobile devices and email immediately before meals and the time of purchase. WebDiet is a breakthrough in weight management technology that helps people make smarter eating choices, keep track of what they eat, and live healthier lives.

WebDiet addresses what problem?

Every day in the USA, more than 150 million people eat out and, of those, more than 50 million people eat at fast food restaurants. And these numbers are growing.* This trend impacts both adults and kids; 70% of California schools offer McDonald's or other fast food options in their cafeterias.** The obesity epidemic is one of the greatest health concerns of our time. WebDiet directly combats this problem using familiar technology, placing a dynamic, personalized tool for weight management right in the palm of your hand.

Who is WebDiet for?

WebDiet is for people who want to eat healthier and manage their weight. WebDiet is particularly useful for people who eat out often, and will soon help save time by using web and wireless technology to place advance meal orders at favorite restaurants.

So, what does WebDiet do?

WebDiethosts the flagship products and services, MealSearch℠ and Meal-by-Meal Guidance℠.

MealSearch℠ users can instantly receive customized healthy meal suggestions based on their GPS location and personal food preferences. Popular chain restaurants and fast food chain-specific meals are currently available, with homemade meals and custom recipes coming soon.

Meal-by-Meal Guidance℠ helps users achieve their weight and health goals by utilizing the dynamic, real-time meal suggestion system developed by WebDiet. Daily suggestions are based on calorie limits and personal food favorites, and can be further custom-configured to support restricted calorie diets, reduced-carb diets, reduced-sodium diets, vegetarian diets, and more. It works on the web and with wireless Smartphones including the iPhone.

How does WebDiet help me lose weight?

Studies prove that one of the most effective weight loss techniques is to simply keep track of what you eat. WebDiet takes it one step further - in addition to keeping track of what you eat, WebDiet also makes dynamic real-time meal recommendations based on your daily intake requirements and goals.

Who else is doing this?

No one else is offering GPS-based, dynamic, real-time meal recommendations. WebDiet is unique.

Who came up with this?

WebDiet was founded by Craig Gold and Wendell Brown in 2008 in Henderson, Nevada and currently has a team of 10 talented people. (See the About Us page for more about our founders.)

How much does it cost?

Right now the service will be free to users when it launches in 2009. As premium and expanded features are added to WebDiet, there will be nominal subscription fees added to access these features.

Is WebDiet looking for partners?

Of course! WebDiet has an open, third-party platform. We're looking for food, beverage, and fitness partners of all kinds. Potential business partners should contact

When will this service be widely available to consumers?

WebDiet is currently available in a limited beta and will be widely available to the public in 2009.

Will WebDiet be available outside of the US?

WebDiet will initially start service in the United States and expand to other countries in the future.

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* National Restaurant Organization
** California High School Fast Food Survey 2005

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